We envision a powerful movement of parents, grandparents, students, student loan borrowers, educators, and business leaders, who vote on education issues.  By empowering and activating those concerned about education and using innovative organizing tools, we will harness broad based, grassroots people power to demand a better education for all.  A broad-based collaborative is necessary to bring the catalytic financial and convening support to harness public will and build the political power we need. 

Using the strength of this movement, we will hold our elected officials accountable for making the investments necessary to adequately and equitably educate every person, from birth through career. We will mobilize the many voters who care passionately about education to make their concerns heard, especially by candidates in close races who are more likely to prioritize education.

The polling is clear, a large majority of voters want an education system that works for all Americans and they are willing to get involved in an organization that is working to elevate education as a national priority.  Further, in years like 2020, when a large number of races will be decided by close margins, education could act as a force that tips the outcomes.  Candidates who understand this will be wise to focus more on education issues.  Therefore, we must mobilize the critical mass of Americans who vote on education to motivate enough elected officials to advance the equitable research-based education policies and funding necessary to build the energized, equitable, forward looking country to which we aspire.

We need a movement of education voters, and we need it now.

Education Champions has joined the Education 2020 Coalition, which is made up of more than 20 leading national organizations that have come together to endorse a set of principles that we believe will advance education for all students. We span the sectors of child well-being, early childhood education, k-12 education, and higher education.

We are under construction!

We're currently making some updates to the Educations Champions to better reflect our mission. In the meantime, we invite you to review our past work including polling and other materials. Please check back soon for our updated site.