Daniel Leeds
Founder of Education Champions

Dan co-founded Education Champions, in 2019, with a goal to elevate the importance of education in the public discourse and create a political environment where supporting excellent public education — from cradle through career — is a priority for Federal, state and local government leaders.   The National Public Education Action Fund (NPEAF) is the fiscal sponsor of Education Champions.  Dan Leeds co-founded NPEAF and chairs its Board.

Dan is also the co-founder and board president of the National Public Education Support Fund (NPESF.org), which organizes the Education Funder Strategy Group, Grantmakers for Thriving Youth, the Partnership for the Future of Learning, the Global Science of Learning Education Network, Education 2020 and study tours of high performing education systems around the world.  Dan also helped found the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4ed.org), whose board he also chairs.

Dan, along with the Alliance for Excellent Education and the National Public Education Support Fund have been proponents of looking at education in a global perspective and were early supporters of PISA in the United States.  Much of his recent education work has focused on the Science of Learning and he is involved with several related US and international efforts, including the Global Science of Learning Education Network.

 Along with his wife, Sunita, Dan co-chairs The Enfranchisement Foundation, which focuses on breaking the cycles of poverty and intolerance in the United States as well as on women’s and climate issues.  Until the sale of CMP Media in 1999, he was President of International Publishing. CMP, a leading technology media company, was cited as “One of the Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune Magazine and Working Women Magazine.