A unique moment in history to create a national education movement

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for schools faced with difficult decisions about how to deliver high-quality education to the nearly 100 million students enrolled in our education system while balancing the health and safety of students and school personnel. At the same time, the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated many of the racial and economic disparities that plague our education system, and the legacy of disinvestment in communities of color.  These factors, alongside a historic decline in the economy have dramatically increased voters’ concerns about education, who are paying close attention to what candidates are saying and doing about education issues, which will be pivotal in the upcoming and future elections.  These significant challenges sit on top of decades of inadequate and inequitable federal funding for education. To effect meaningful change, we need a powerful national movement that prioritizes adequate and equitable funding for education, infused with racial justice, that will fight for our nation’s students, from birth through career.  Education Champions will act as a catalyst for this movement, beginning with creating a plan to organize stakeholders at the national and state levels to:
  1. Provide the groundswell of support for a powerful national movement of people who vote on education issues. This movement will complement and strengthen existing national, state and locally-based advocacy efforts, working with partners to set a national agenda for education.
  2. Reframe people as our country’s most important asset and their education as the most important investment in our country’s future; and 
  3. Reimagine the federal investment in education by holding our elected officials accountable to the equitable rebalancing of education, economic and political resources. 


Education Champions’ goal is to create a highly educated nation, one where all Americans have the educational resources, from birth through career, necessary to live meaningful lives, are prepared for the future, and able to drive a successful democracy and a prosperous economy.

We will work with the many smart, effective and passionate education advocacy organizations and the generous and thoughtful funders to build a movement to reach our goal.  Recognizing the challenges we face, Education Champions is  pulling together a strong coalition that will connect local groups, regional and state-based funders and national organizations. Our team will support their efforts to be more effective in their own areas, and provide the connective tissue between them to build this movement.


Founder of Education Champions
Education Champions Campaign Director 

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